LAN_PRINT_135: On its first anniversary of founding, the Court for publishing and media cases closed 150 lawsuit
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Tuesday 19 July 2011 - 09:50:25

Iraqi National - INNA / Tuesday 19 July, 2011 / Baghdad / Court of publishing and media cases earned the desirability of media and journalists for their achievements in speeding cases resolving during the first year of its founding.

Judge Jaffar Mohsin President of Federal Appeals Court in Al-Rusafa cleared in a statement marking the anniversary of establishing the court for publishing and media cases, that the Supreme Judicial Council concerns in providing specialized courts in important among them the court for publishing and media cases, which was formed by an administrative order issued by the Supreme Judicial Council on 11/7/2010 in both its civil and criminal, this court which has jurisdiction over criminal proceedings that are held by some parties who believe they have been affected by some newspapers and channels and asks in some cases for compensation.

Adding that this court looked into more than 265 case and resolved 150, pointing the majority of these cases were won by the media and the press after implementing the standards of media and journalist criteria and hiring of specialists in this regard. The remaining cases are being looked into. / / End / A T / Supreme Council of Justice / Sahar Hussein / Media

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