LAN_PRINT_135: Two U.S Magazines Publishes Two Iraqi Researches
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Friday 22 November 2013 - 23:42:25

The University for Wasit announced on two researches of one of its faculty members were published at two U.S magazines.

The first research was entitled (Multi- Agent Based Security Frame Work for E- government in Recently Technology Developed Countries), which was published at the U.S magazine of Computer Engineering and Smart Systems , it included building an smart infrastructure for e-government to be executed at the developing countries and to have self-ability to adopt with the new environment in implementing the e-service and to build an secure smart electronic system for protection as replacement for the hard copy documentation.

The second research was entitled (Conceptual Architecture Notation Of Smart Web Service Repository To Enhance Domain Intelligence), it discussed the smart repository management to store the web services and the auto dialing depending on (XML), which was published at U.S International magazine of Engineering and Technology.

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