LAN_PRINT_135: Tareq Al-Hashemi: The armed forces are politicized and in a state of imbalance which is clear to us
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Tuesday 26 July 2011 - 13:42:28

Iraqi National - INNA / Tuesday 26 July, 2011 / Baghdad / Second Deputy President of the Republic of the Iraqi list, Tariq Al-Hashimi of assured that "there is a clear politicization of the security services and armed forces, and that a clear absence of balance today in these forces.

The Prime Minister has confirmed his desire that his grip on the security services and military a strong and firm one, and does not want any one to share him the security file.

Regarding his nomination to the post of defense minister, he explained that this issue was requested by the brothers in the Iraqi bloc, because of my experience and my military background, which was raised at the last meeting of the Iraqi bloc and I did not comment on it at the time, adding I am at the end a soldier, and I'm ready for it, and will not apologize in receiving such a post, but I left this issue for political considerations, I do not want to impose myself up on Mr. AL-Maliki. / / End / A T / Presidency of the Republic / Media

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