LAN_PRINT_135: The Islamic religious Iraqi reference Hussein Al-Moayad condemns terrorist bombing in Norway
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Tuesday 26 July 2011 - 11:54:47

Iraqi National - INNA / Tuesday 26 July 26, 2011 / Baghdad / The Islamic religious reference Sheikh Hussein Al-Moayad condemned the crime committed by an extremist Christian right-wing European in Norway last Friday which claimed dozens of innocent victims.

Al-Moayad said in a press release which Iraqi National News Agency – INNA received a copy of it, that the terrorist bombing committed by the extremist Christian right-wing European in Norway is a criminal act deserves to be condemned by all humanitarian, religious and ethical standards.

Al-Moayad assured on the need to revive and promote a culture of moderation among people in the human societies and to fight against extremist ways that are driving the conflict, which threatens civil peace and community security, also the need to strengthen the moral values that came in the heavenly religions, expressing his sympathy to the Norwegian People from this heinous crime and presents his condolences to the victims families. / / End / A T / Parties

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