LAN_PRINT_135: Conference of Ambassadors Discuss Political Issues in Iraq
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Thursday 21 July 2011 - 13:13:04

Iraqi National - INNA / Thursday 21 Jun, 2011 / Baghdad / The third Conference of Ambassadors discussed at its fifteenth , sixteenth and seventeenth sessions on 21/7/2011 the political issues in the North and South America and the Caribbean , and the neighboring countries ,as well as to the issues relating to the work of the ministry in the area of multilateral relations.

During today's session ,the Minister reviewed Iraq's relations with the countries of the American continent, after presenting a detailed explanation of the level of this relationship and its importance to Iraq, since there are countries in this continent have deep historical ties with Iraq , especially the outstanding relations with the United States according to the Strategic Framework Agreement.

The conference discussed relations with the neighboring countries, particularly Turkey and Iran, stressing the importance of a positive communication with the them and the need for calm and principled treatment for all problems.

The Conference expressed satisfaction over the level of Iraq's developed relations with its regional and international environment, especially with the United Nations, the Arab League and Conference of the Islamic Cooperation , the growing role played by Iraq in those organizations, the ministry's efforts in a number of international conventions and treaties and the implementation of Iraq's obligations towards them. / End / A T / Foreign Ministry / Media

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