LAN_PRINT_135: Central Criminal issued a sentence of fifteen years in prison on a convicted in possessing weapons with silencers
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Thursday 21 July 2011 - 12:11:06

Iraqi National – INNA / Thursday 21 July, 2011 / Baghdad / Central Criminal Court issued a sentence of fifteen years to the accused (M.A) convicted in holding a prohibited materials in his possession among the weapons equipped with silencers.

A source cleared that the accused mentioned above was arrested by a road block in Al-Makaseb area west of Baghdad, while searching his car they found weapons hidden in his car trunk a Glock pistol and Tariq 9 mm and another three guns with silencers, in addition to special equipment for bombing and an electrical board with a remote detonation device which are all prohibited to possess with a special classification.

The source pointed out that the court found that the evidence submitted is sufficient to condemn him and a valid reason to sentence him, therefore they issued a decision according to the laws of the third section 6 / 2 / B for the year 2003 issued by Coalition Provisional Authority biased on the provisions of Article 182 / a. / End / A T / Supreme Judicial Council / Enas Jabbar / Media

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