LAN_PRINT_135: Iraq: we demand an international committee to stop the violations by Iran and Kuwait marine passages in Iraq
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Thursday 21 July 2011 - 11:38:26

Iraqi National – INNA / Thursday 21 July, 2011 / Baghdad / Iraq has repeatedly emphasized the need to draw foreign policy in a professional way that adopted a clear standards in balancing interests and sovereignty of the Iraqi land and marine areas, also the other countries should not interfere in Iraq's internal. The Iraqi also continuously warned from the absence of such policies and their repercussions on the security and stability in Iraq.

This tension between the Iraqi people and the people of the neighboring countries has reached a dangerous levers which can only be solved through immediate and constructive dialogue with these countries wit the adoption of international conventions that preserves the rights of Iraq's marine areas, asking the regional and international organizations such as the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Organization of Islamic Conference, Arab League and the United Nations help in seeking Iraqi interests preservation. / / End / A T / Parties / Media

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