LAN_PRINT_135: Conference of Iraq's Ambassadors Starts in Baghdad
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Wednesday 20 July 2011 - 12:30:17

Iraqi National - INNA / Wednesday 20 July, 2011 / Baghdad / The third conference of Iraq's Ambassadors opened on 16 -7 -2011 at the headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the auspices of His Excellency the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister , with the attendance of Vice President , Deputy Prime Minister , Representative of the Parliament Speaker, Head of the Supreme Judicial Council , a number of ministers and advisers, the Governor of the Iraqi central Bank , Head of the Investment Board and Office Manager of the General Commander of the Armed Forces.

His Excellency the President of the Republic delivered a speech at the conference in which he praised efforts of the government and the Iraqi diplomacy and their achievements giving valuable instructions to the Ambassadors.

Then his Excellency the Prime Minister delivered an extensive speech expressing the changes that happened in the Iraqi foreign policy under its new democratic rule and the openness to the world rejecting policy of war and aggression.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Dr. Hussein al Shahristani gave a word on Iraq's oil policy and the country's big exporting and investing opportunities, calling the Ambassadors to attract investments and companies in the field of energy.

The opening session was concluded with a speech of the Foreign Minister in which he explained the general trends of the foreign policy and the achievements of Iraqi diplomacy over the past years to get Iraq back to its natural position and getting it out of the sanctions and Chapter VII resolutions, reviewing the improvement of the consular services and assistance offered to the Iraqi communities abroad and the challenges facing Iraq and it's policy during the next stage.

He also stressed on the importance of the political situation unity towards the foreign issues urging for better coordination with the countries concerned with the international dealing, and discussing the practical constraints in the ministry's work. // End / A T / Foreign Ministry / Medi

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