LAN_PRINT_135: Al-Suhail discuss with the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities the tourism situation and the preservation of Iraqi antiquities
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Tuesday 19 July 2011 - 09:33:11

Iraqi National - INNA/ Tuesday 19 July, 2011 / Baghdad / First Deputy of the Parliament of Councils President for the Sadr movement, Dr. Qusay Al-Suhail discussed with the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Lywaa Sumaisem the tourism situation in the country.

They discussed many topics related to tourism and antiquities in Iraq and their ways to improve them.

Al-Suhail stressed on the need to improve the reality of the country's tourism, especially religious tourism and the growing interest as it represents the civilized front of Iraq, calling on for more growing attention to Iraqi antiquities and to preserve them.

He noted that the Parliament is ready to facilitate all that would contribute to the advancement of the tourism sector in the country and will follow-up the stolen Iraqi antiquities and returning them back. / / End / A T / Parliament of Councils Presidency / Media

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