LAN_PRINT_135: Hashemi to the U.S. ambassador: In the interests of both parties the agreement should not be extended or renewed
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Monday 18 July 2011 - 09:11:05

Iraqi National - INNA / Monday 18 July, 2011 / Baghdad / President of the Republic Deputy of Iraqi Bloc Tareq Al-Hashemi, received in his office in Baghdad, on Sunday, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, James Jeffrey.

During the meeting they discussed bilateral relations between Iraq and the United States, which the Ambassador Jeffrey assured his country's position regarding the withdrawal all of its forces from Iraq if its Iraq desires that, or to keep non-combat groups for training purposes and other logistic services.

From his part the Deputy stressed that both sides interests requires not to extend or renew the security agreement , indicating that any authorization to access to specific military permit must be coupled with an actual need for it from relevant jurisdiction which is the General Command of the Armed Forces.

U.S. ambassador expressed his understanding and pointed that time is short and we must have a quick decision regardless of its nature. / / End / A T / Presidency of the Republic

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