LAN_PRINT_135: Ministry of Health plans to open new centers for health care
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Sunday 17 July 2011 - 12:31:13

Iraqi National - INNA / Sunday 17 July, 2011 / Baghdad / Public Health Service Department in the Ministry of Health decided to study of a proposal to open new health care centers in Baghdad and Governorates.

Dr. Hassan Hadi Baker Director General of the Department spokesmen cleared that with coordination with the Department of Planning and Resource Development in the Ministry to planning has prepared all that is needed to build there centers starting from the geographical location, needs and population density and other technical and technology matters .

In a separate context the Public Health Department held a workshops for doctors working in the Consulting Clinics in hospitals on elderly care, also courses in quality control of laboratory testing at the consulting clinics in the provinces, Ibn Zahr Hospital and the laboratory for chest and respiratory diseases in Baghdad, in addition to follow up on the department staff working in the field of health control in Baghdad and the provinces, including health and safety of the environment in public places, places of work, markets, shops and swimming pools. / / End / A T / Ministries / Health / Media

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