LAN_PRINT_135: Deyali Company for Electrical Industries equip Directorates with electricity distribution transformers
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Sunday 17 July 2011 - 12:12:01

Iraqi National - INNA / Sunday 17 July, 2011 / Baghdad / Deyali General Company for Electrical Industries on of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals companies has equipped directorates for electricity in Al-Karkh, Euphrates and the Al-Sadr with (182) distribution transformers with different capacities, sizes at a total cost (two billion and 316) million dinars.

This was stated by Abdul Wadud Abdul Sattar director of the company who said that the company continues to work in implementing its contracts concluded with the country's ministries which will equip Directorate General of Electricity Distribution in Al-Sadr City with a generator with a capacity of (31,5 MVA) with in few days, the company also signed a contract with Al-Zawraa general Co. to equip her with 4 electric power transformers with a capacity of (31,5 - 16 MVA) at the amount of one billion and 140 million dinars at an implementation rate of 50% , pointing that equipping such mega transformers to build substations designed to increase and improve the production of electric power in Iraq. / / End / A T / Ministries / Industry and Minerals / Dohaa Muhammad / Media

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