Tuesday 14 Safar 1443 Hijri
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Iraqi National news agency reality and ambition

Fall's national news agency, the Iraq - (wna) under the umbrella of the Uruk independent Iraqi media, the Agency has begun broadcasting in the July 15, 2003 accredited to attend events in the heart of the Iraqi and Arab region. Adoption Agency in the coverage of events on a network of correspondents covering in most governorates of Iraq in addition to a number of correspondents in neighboring Arab countries.


Team liberation of the Agency to determine the basic parameters of its work, namely the press sincere and focus on providing professional information at least on the level of civility in what is being offered in other Arab media, as the team spoiled the reader and what attracts attention to satisfy its concerns with the provision in the same comfort across the specific contents of the time. Agency provides current news in three languages, namely Arabic, English and kurdish seeks to provide news in other languages, as always keen to provide news each category to make language news useful and fun for all


Despite the difficulty of working journalist in a country like Iraq in the light of the events of the bloodiest daily did not exclude even journalists unscathed insisted workers of the Agency to perform work and risk their lives for the transmission of the truth and build a new information system is not the norm in the Iraqi scene, but this work not without loss of the crew of correspondents within the Agency lost Shahid Bassam Karim Al azzawi coverage of events during clashes between American forces and the Mahdi Army in the city of Karbala on 19-5-2004 after being subjected to shooting by soldiers of the American army of occupation, and therefore the Agency provided a martyr is the least Colleague late Haider Karim Azawi after being fired upon by the occupation forces inside the city of Baghdad in 2-7-2005, but this did not deter the agency to perform its work and continued to work until now.


The site is characterized by distinctive service and an unprecedented level of Arab News Agencies, a global service, "breaking news" via mobile phone short messages "SMS" to make news accessible to everyone as quickly as possible. The Agency allowed surfers to the site service is another distinct service "RSS" to facilitate the work of media institutions wishing to benefit from the re-broadcast news site. Finally, the national news agency Iraqi-Luna, is the honored visitors to its site interface and provide all that is new and useful to contribute to the Arab media industry free and sophisticated




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