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Wednesday 13 July 2011
Salah Al-Din appeal court discuss the work obstacles of investigation in its monthly symposium

Iraqi National - INNA / Wednesday 13 July, 2011 / Baghdad / Salah Al-Din Court of Appeals Residency held at the Hall of Martyr Najem Abdul Wahid Jalal its monthly symposium in the presence of judges from the Appeal and investigation departments, they discussed during the seminar the most important work impediments of investigations, at the beginning of the seminar they recalled the criminal incident resulted in the death of the late judge Taleb Mahmoud Abbas and wounding two other judges, during the seminar they discussed several topics among them emphasizing on private circulation and the results of the previous seminar held last month, praising how it dealt with the constraints and resolving them, as well as discussing the approval by all the Supreme Judicial Council for not revealing the identity of the secret informant.

It is worth mentioning that the judges unanimously agreed that there is a development and positive indicator in resolving many cases of detainees in the Governorate, a number of 504 detainees and increasing the speed to in resolve all the law cases in courts. / / End / A T / Supreme Judicial Council / Saif Mohammed / Media

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